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Angus and Katrina: A Couple’s Volunteering Story at QEF

Volunteering holds the power to transform lives, not just for those being helped but also for the individuals giving their time and energy. In a recent conversation with two dedicated volunteers, Katrina and her husband Angus, we delved into their experiences and the profound impact volunteering has had on their lives. 

Katrina’s journey began with a simple invitation from a friend to help at a local charity shop. What started in part as a way to socialise evolved into a meaningful commitment to giving back. From sorting clothes to managing office tasks, Katrina found fulfillment in contributing her skills and reestablishing her office expertise. Now, she’s immersed in project work, tackling challenges and building lasting connections with everyone in the organisation.  

For Katrina, volunteering isn’t just about altruism—it’s about personal growth and rediscovery. As a mother transitioning back to the workforce, volunteering provided her with a supportive environment to hone her skills and reconnect with her professional identity. Through her dedication, she’s not only making a difference in the community but also reigniting her passion for learning and development. 

Similarly, Angus found purpose in volunteering within the maintenance department. With a background in financial services, he sought a meaningful way to give back to society while maintaining a flexible schedule. Volunteering allowed him to leverage his skills in a new context, whether it’s painting, decorating, or assisting with various tasks. Despite the challenges of balancing caregiving responsibilities and part-time work, he finds great satisfaction in the tangible impact of his efforts. 

What sets volunteering at QEF apart for Katrina and Angus is its ability to offer a two-way street of benefits. While volunteers dedicate their time to help others, they also experience personal fulfillment, mental stimulation, and skill development. Through their shared experiences, Katrina and Angus embody the essence of volunteering—a journey of self-discovery, growth, and community impact. 

Their advice to potential volunteers? Simply give it a go. Whether you’re seeking social connections, professional development, or a sense of purpose, volunteering offers a diverse range of opportunities to make a meaningful difference. It’s not just about what you can give, but also what you can gain from the experience. So, why wait? Take the first step towards a fulfilling journey of volunteerism today. 


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Driving was my ticket to a future of independence and I got so much out of the course with QEF. They gave me with the opportunity to increase my independence and to increase my understanding of my own skills. By passing my (driving) test they helped me to better myself – it was an incredible opportunity.

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