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Be there appeal

Will you be there when it matters most for people like Barry?

"In a short space of time, I have achieved being able to walk unaided and have the confidence to enjoy conversations again. I don’t feel as though my life has been turned upside down anymore." Barry

When Barry suffered a stroke, he felt like his life had turned upside down. After four weeks in hospital, he was still unable to walk or talk. Fortunately, he was transferred to our Care and Rehabilitation Centre and with the right support he was walking and talking again within just a few weeks.

Your donation means you’ll be there for disabled people. Getting people like Barry back
on their feet. Giving freedom to disabled children by providing mini-powered wheelchairs.
Providing specialist therapy through our compassionate staff team.

Your gifts make real life-changing differences.

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Contact us if you experience any problems with your donation or need help, please write to us at Leatherhead Court, Woodlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BN.

Email or contact a member of our team on 01372 841151.