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Driving Assessments

These are suitable for people returning to driving, older people at licence renewal or those who have a medical condition or disability.
QEF Mobility Services

Spend individual time with an Occupational Therapist and specialist Approved Driving Instructor, who will assess and advise you on how your medical condition or disability affects your ability to drive safely, and recommend any required adaptations. You will also receive independent advice on the most suitable product choices for you.

A Driving Assessment is recommended for those who:

  • have a medical condition such as stroke, dementia, head injury, epilepsy or other neurological condition;
  • have psychological difficulty, physical disability or visual impairment;
  • are a provisional licence holder or are seeking a provisional licence


Currently we are experiencing high demand for our services and our waiting times are longer than usual. Please expect a wait of 5 months for your appointment. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. 


Download our Driving Assessment Application Form
Or call us on 0208 770 1151

Driving Assessment and instruction

If you are disabled, driving can seem a daunting prospect. We are specialists in all aspects of driving for disabled people.


We can assess and advise you on disabled driving training and adaptations. We handle a wide variety of disabled driving conditions.

Motorbikes and Bicycle Assessments

Assessments for those who wish to learn to ride, or return to riding after illness or injury.

Older Driver Assessments

From 70 years old all drivers need to sign a declaration every three years that they are still medically fit to drive. If there any concerns then a driving assessment would be advised.

Vocational Driving Assessments

For professional drivers who want to continue or return to their occupation of driving buses, coaches, taxis, lorries or vans.

Our Locations


Integrated Neurological Services
82 Hampton Road, Twickenham, TW2 5QS
(Must hold a valid UK driving licence)


Charmandean Centre
Forest Road, Worthing BN14 9HS
(Must hold a valid UK driving licence)

We currently offer driving assessments in the following areas 


QEF Mobility Services
1 Metcalfe Ave, Carshalton SM5 4AW


QEF Mobility Services
Leatherhead Court, Woodlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BN
(Must hold a valid UK driving licence)


Regus International Centre
International Business Park, George Curl Way, Southampton SO18 2RZ
(Must hold a valid UK driving licence)

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