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Bespoke assistive equipment and mobility solutions for disabled children.

MERU is part of QEF Group and we aim to improve the lives of disabled children, by creating new possibilities. We design and make a wide range of specialist assistive equipment.

Unfortunately we are currently not offering assessments for Bugzi whilst we review and resolve some technical issues.

We also have a range of switch adapted toys and special needs toys that can provide children with the opportunity to learn and achieve.

Our vision is to see all disabled young people and their families living life to its full potential.

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Assistive Products

MERU sell a wide range of bespoke, assistive products for a wide variety of needs, all of which are aimed at making life easier or safer for disabled children.

Adapting toys

The team at MERU can adapt children’s favourite toys so they can be used with a wide variety of accessible switches to play and learn.

Visit the MERU Website

Shop the entire MERU collection