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David's Story

Why I am leaving a gift in my Will to QEF

There was a moment in my life around 6 years ago, when I was in your position; sat reading about how I could help change the lives of people at QEF. Seeing and hearing stories of personal tragedy and personal triumph and then discovering that I could do something to help.

It is not only the achievements of the people that QEF helps that amazes me most, it’s the impact their personal achievements have on others around them. Such as seeing the joy on the faces of a family when they are able to go on holiday together for the first time with their disabled child, or the moment when a husband takes his first steps after months of rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury. Moments like these are to celebrate and to cherish.

This is why I am leaving a gift in my Will to QEF, confident that my legacy will have a measurable impact on the future achievements of disabled children and adults supported by QEF.

I hope you will be as inspired as I was, and you too will consider leaving a gift in your Will to QEF.

David Hypher OBE DL
Friend and loyal supporter of QEF

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