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Legal Information Service

Working with a handful of selected legal service providers we have developed a Legal Information Service that enables access to specialist advice, information and guidance for all QEF clients, as well as their family and friends.

We have facilitated a panel of law firms who are experts in their field and who appreciate the complexities and nuances often faced by our clients –  whether it’s pursuing a claim for welfare benefits or compensation, to understanding your employment rights. And if you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury, the chances are that you’re facing complex legal, financial and welfare issues you were simply not prepared for.

All law firms on this panel have agreed to act in accordance with QEFs Code of Conduct, which recognises the potential vulnerability of clients and is available on request. They have also made a financial contribution to support QEF’s work. There is no obligation on QEF clients to use any of these law firms and other solicitors are available.

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Friends and Family

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Latest Happening

Our latest issue of Happening magazine shines a spotlight on the new technology the CRC team are using as part of their therapy programmes, thanks to your donations.

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Our CRC Service
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Mobility service leaflet
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Tryb4ufly leaflet
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Latest News

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New Consultant of Rehabilitation Medicine leads the way at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre

Consultant of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Jonathan Mamo, leads the way at QEF's Care and Rehabilitation Centre
Chroma NMT2

QEF offers neurologic music therapy to people with acquired neurological disabilities

From April, neurologic music therapy will be delivered in partnership with CHROMA, the leading arts therapies provider. It will be available alongside physiotherapy, psychology, speech and language therapy, and occupational
20240205 115922

Technology-assisted therapy launched at QEF to intensify impact of neuro rehabilitation

Our Care and Rehabilitation Centre near Leatherhead, now offers technology-assisted therapy as part of our neuro rehabilitation and complex neurological care service. Expert therapy and care teams support people to