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Driving Lessons

Learning to drive with a disability
Sean and L-plate - Driving Lessons

Our team of qualified and experienced Approved Driving Instructors have been trained to the highest standards to teach disabled people to drive.

Learning to drive is an exciting time, but it can also be daunting – especially if you have a disability. You may even have thought driving was not for you. But QEF’s expert team of Driving Instructors and Occupational Therapists specialise in supporting people with a wide range of disabilities and impairments to learn to drive.

Each individual is assessed for reaction speeds and any adaptations they may need to help them control the car, such as a left foot accelerator, hand control brake, steering wheel aids etc.  Our fleet of vehicles can then have these adaptations added to them and the learner driver can experience driving a car on QEF’s private track to gain their confidence. Once their provisional license is received they can then progress with the driving instructor to  learning to drive on public roads.

Expert support is also available with studying for the theory test.


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Pass Plus

Pass Plus builds on the skill and knowledge gained when taking lessons before passing the driving test.

Driving Lessons for Deaf People

There is no reason why a deaf person cannot learn to drive either a manual or automatic car.

Theory Test Tuition

In order to take a practical driving test, the theory examination needs to be completed.

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