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Wheelchairs and Scooters

Advice and practical support
Wheelchairs and Scooters

We offer advice and a practical trial to assess the type of mobility vehicle that is suitable for you and highlight any training needs that may impact on your safety.

Wheelchair Assessments

This two-hour assessment is carried out by a qualified occupational therapist who will produce a written report to confirm the outcome of the assessment and recommendations.

Wheelchair Testing

An opportunity to use various mobility vehicles to compare the driving styles and assess your individual needs. The indoor demonstration area offers a flat and safe environment to assess basic skills before progressing to the private outdoor track that offers slopes, paths, pedestrian crossings, cambers and kerbs. Information for storage requirements, highway code, insurance, and stowing equipment in a car for journeys can also be explored.

For self-referring private individuals we are able to offer a subsidised assessment for £220. All other enquirers, including all private and public sector organisations, should contact the centre for up-to-date prices.


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