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Our multi-disciplinary team

Our specialist services are delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including a consultant in rehabilitation medicine, GP, specialist therapists, nurses and care staff.

Our Therapy Team provide expert support to encourage participation and exploration of new interests:

  • Physiotherapists use specific handling techniques and a range of specialist equipment to improve posture, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination, functional ability and mobility.
  • Speech and Language therapists aim to improve speech, language, communication and any eating or swallowing problems that may have arisen as a result of brain injury.
  • Occupational therapists use a combination of rehabilitation techniques to assess and support our clients in completing everyday living tasks such as personal care, mobility, domestic activities, and household management.
  • Clinical Psychologists support individuals, couples and families in coping with the impact of acquired disabilities such as stroke or brain injury.


Nursing and Care Teams

Led by our Senior Nurse, our specialist nursing team provides 24 hour medical care and supervision, and dedicated support workers provide person-centred care.

Recreation and Activities

A wide range of activities are provided to help clients develop confidence and encourage participation and exploration of new interests. These can include therapeutic art sessions, discussion and music groups, as well as gardening clubs, quizzes and social events such as barbecues.


2 physiotherapists support a client to do a leg exercise whilst lying on a therapy bed

Admission Criteria

We currently have availability. Please contact us at or call us on 01372 841 111 to discuss how we can support your clients

Our Care

We emphasise person-centered care for its benefits, including improved outcomes, continuity of care, team collaboration, enhanced communication with families and carers, better access to services, and cost savings in managing conditions.

Our Facilities

The Care and Rehabilitation Centre just outside Leatherhead, is a spacious, well equipped building that has been designed to meet the needs of QEF’s clients.  Rooms are modern and bright with a comfortable, homely environment.

Our Stories



When I started working for QEF early last year I began learning about all the amazing work that the charity does. The opportunity came up to do the marathon myself whilst leading on the stewardship for all our runners, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to complete my goal of doing a marathon one day, for a cause I know does so many amazing things for disabled people. 

Care and Neuro Rehabilitation

Woodlands Road
KT22 0BN

01372 841 111