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Spotlight on QEF’s 2024 TCL London Marathon runners

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that is running the TCS London Marathon for QEF this year, and to shine a spotlight on a few of our runners who have shared their reasons  why they have chosen to support QEF in this way.

Terry and Caitlin Cooper
Terry, 68, and daughter, Caitlin, 27, are taking on the 26.2-mile challenge to raise money for QEF.
 Dad of three, Terry, is a keen runner and this challenge will form part of his bucket list which he started at the age of 61 and included completing 10 marathons by the age of 70 – so far, he has completed three. 

He said: “I really wanted to run the London Marathon as it is my hometown but after years of unsuccessfully entering the ballot, my daughter suggested I try and secure a charity place through QEF and luckily, I got a space.  When I started my fundraising, I was amazed to become more and more aware of people who suffer from brain injuries and have needed the charity’s support. 

 “After an initial setback with a severe bout of Covid last year I am now back on track and my training has been going well. I am running 200kms per month and am confident I will get around the route in a good time. I am really looking forward to running with Caitlin and ticking this off my bucket list and running through the streets of London where I grew up and worked for many years and to do it all for such a wonderful charity is just the icing on the cake!” 

 Caitlin added: “Being a psychologist I have a huge amount of curiosity when it comes to the realm of the brain, as well as ways of creating a more inclusive society. I’m therefore taking part in the 2024 London Marathon and am proud to be raising money to support QEF in the incredible work they do to support those who have acquired life-changing brain injuries and their efforts to empower people with disabilities to live life to the fullest. By sponsoring me, we can make a difference to many lives!” 


Terry and Caitlin 1 scaled e1713261974557



Laura is originally from Leatherhead and has been inspired to take part in this year’s London Marathon by her brother and mum.  The 26-year-old is running the world famous 26.2-mile route later this month to raise money for QEF. 

Laura, who now lives in Putney, London said: “This cause is extremely close to my heart for two reasons. Firstly, one of my younger brother’s has a disability and secondly, my amazing mum, works for the charity so I know from her just how important and life changing the work that QEF does really is. 

 “I have run one marathon before, in Valencia last December, however this time round I have only had half the time to train – seven weeks instead of the recommended 18  – so this is definitely a bigger and different challenge. All that aside, the training itself has been a great outlet for my own mental health and I am really looking forward to running through my home city with the incredible atmosphere that I know first-hand is so unique and uplifting.” 




Andy, a 39-year-old Director from Oxted will be joining the tens of thousands of other runners to take part in this year’s London Marathon and hopes to raise £3,000 for QEF. 

The married dad of two said: “I have been very fortunate all my life to be able to play sport and be very healthy physically, so I felt that supporting QEF was an opportunity to help others in a small way. When I am in pain during the latter parts of my run it will help me dramatically knowing that I am running for such an excellent and worthwhile cause.  

“I am really looking forward to the experience of the crowds and finishing the challenge. I’ve always dreamt of running the marathon so cannot believe that I am actually going to do it to be honest. I am extremely excited yet also apprehensive about how tough it will be.” 



Matt, 30, from Crawley is a keen runner and is aiming to fulfil a teenage wish by running 26.2miles as part of April’s London Marathon – whilst raising money for QEF. 

Matt put together his three-item shortlist when he was just 16 years old, it included climbing a mountain; completing a bungee jump and running the London Marathon. 

He said: “After running six half marathons, I am familiar with long distance running and I figured it was the time to enter my toughest test yet, something I have on my wish list which I set myself in my teenage years.  

“To be able to attempt the challenge whilst raising money for QEF makes it all the more special though, as my dad works for the charity, and it is a cause close to our family’s heart as my sister has struggled through her adolescent years with a disability which impacts her mobility. QEF provides people with opportunity through all the amazing services it offers, and this is something that is really important to me.” 

Matt Thomas


25-year-old Sarah Thompson, from Croydon, joined the charity last year as an Events, Community and Partnerships Executive and has been so inspired by the work it does, she decided to raise money for the cause by taking on this year’s London Marathon. 

She said: “When I started working for QEF early last year I began learning about all the amazing work that the charity does. The opportunity came up to do the marathon myself whilst leading on the stewardship for all our runners, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to complete my goal of doing a marathon one day, for a cause I know does so many amazing things for disabled people. 

“The training has been really tough, but I am determined to make it to the big day and finish the course whilst raise as much money as I can. I am looking forward to crossing that finish line so all the hard work and weekends that have gone into the training pay off.  Any support anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.” 

Sarah Thompson cropped


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