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Hearts of Hope Appeal

When Edwina collapsed suddenly from a rare spinal condition, you were there to help her rebuild her life.

Edwina’s story happened in a heartbeat. She was on her way to have a coffee with her daughter, when her legs buckled under her and she fell.

“An ambulance arrived and at hospital, after many scans and treatments, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis,” she says. It’s a rare spinal condition which can cause severe mobility dysfunction, which affected Edwina particularly in her legs.

This Christmas, will you support more people like Edwina to make their recovery?

At our Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Edwina undertook a rigorous six-month therapy and exercise regime to rebuild her strength, mobility and hope for the future. It’s thanks to support like yours that she’s walking again today.

Edwina’s journey has been full of hard work, and knowing she’s had support like yours
has given her enormous encouragement to help her keep going.

Your encouragement matters a huge amount too. Edwina was determined to walk again, and very positive throughout her treatment, but even she was worried about the impact her mobility challenges might have on her family – especially her grandchildren.

Before her collapse, Edwina helped care for her grandchildren. Thanks to your support, we helped Edwina use a sliding board to get into her daughter’s car, so the family could spend last Christmas together. It meant the world to them.

You can encourage more people like Edwina this Christmas, with a gift.

If you can donate by 17 January we’ll be able to engrave your name on our supporter’s plaque, which we’ll create in our workshop.

Thank you for anything you can give. 


I've never been told I'll be able to walk again, but we're all working to the goal.


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Contact us if you experience any problems with your donation or need help, please write to us at Leatherhead Court, Woodlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BN.

Email or contact a member of our team on 01372 841151.