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Road to Independence Appeal

Vital transfer aids can get disabled people on the road to independence and mobility. Will you help buy one?

At QEF’s Mobility Services, every day, we help disabled people increase their independence through driving lessons and assessments – but the first hurdle of getting into a car can be tricky, undignified and time-consuming.

Please could you send a gift to help buy an essential piece of equipment to help disabled people get in and out of a car? Something we all take for granted.

The piece of equipment we need is called a Sara Stedy, and we need two, to meet the demand for driving assessments, mobility advice and driving lessons among disabled people and people with age related impairments.

It costs £2,500 to buy a Sara Stedy, which can help a disabled person get into a car and start them on the road to independent mobility.

The Sara Stedy is a non-powered device that can help a person move from sitting to standing, and from one place to another. It’s the safest and fastest way to transfer people from a mobility scooter or wheelchair to a car seat.

What’s more, it gives dignity to people. At the moment, we use a sling hoist to transfer some disabled people into vehicles where they can access had controls to safely control the vehicle – but that’s intrusive, complicated. Two therapists need to operate a sling, and there’s often a wait for clinicians to be available.

Imagine the difference it would make to know that a single therapist can help you quickly and simply transfer into a car seat using a Sara Stedy. It’s the key which unlocks access to our vital mobility services.

So your donation will not only provide a Sara Stedy, you will help disabled people get started on the road to independent mobility.

Thank you for anything you can give. 



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