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Mobility Services Appeal

You can support more disabled people towards their maximum mobility
5 people of all ages with wheelchairs, scooters or mobility aids. Two young adults holding L plates

Kumba contracted Polio when she was just four years old, which effects the stability in her legs. Kumba applied to our Mobility Services for an assessment with an Occupational Therapist who tested her reaction times using a static rig. Next, Kumba moved on to our private track where she was able to try driving a real car for the very first time.

That life-changing one-day assessment was the start of a new road to freedom for Kumba.

James’ journey to our QEF Mobility Services has been completely different to Kumba’s, but support like yours can mean the world for people like him as well.

James first came to QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre in April 2021 after spending more than a year in hospital due to a severe reaction to Covid-19.

After months of rehabilitation, James wanted to drive again, but he was also fearful. At the CRC, one of the Occupational Therapists, Mark, helped to arrange for James to have a driving assessment at QEF Mobility Services.

“It was really intense,” remembers James. “It was much longer than the usual driving test and I was asked to drive around all sorts of different places.” When the report came through, James and his wife, Toni, were thrilled.

If we can add six vehicles to our fleet, we’ll be able to run more assessments simultaneously. That will go a long way to reducing waiting times for people who are desperate to be more independent.

Please, give what you can today, and help us raise the £54,000 urgently needed to reach more people like James and Kumba and assist with more mobility solutions.

"To the whole QEF team and all their supporters, they’ve given me my life back. Now I want to do the same for someone else, because no one should be without support."

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