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Seán's remarkable journey to recovery

Seán suffered a traumatic brain injury after a very serious accident. He was unable to walk or talk but QEF was there to help him rebuild his life.

In March 2019, Seán was studying for his masters when he had an accident, suffered a traumatic brain injury and went into a coma. When he eventually woke again, he was unable to talk or walk.

He lost all his mobility from the damage to his brain. After more than a year in hospital, he was transferred to QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CRC).

His communication was improving thanks to QEF’s speech and language therapy. To rebuild his mobility, the team helped him set two goals. The first was to cycle from the CRC in Surrey back to our home in Dublin, virtually, using an exercise bike. The second, harder challenge was to walk unaided from his bed to the main entrance on the day that he’d be leaving.

Seán completed his cycling journey ahead of time. Standing, balancing and walking was the really tough challenge. With the team’s care, encouragement and supervision, he practised every day, and in June 2020, finally he managed to walk out of the door with his wheeled walker all in one go. It was a remarkable milestone in Seán’s recovery.

Seán went back to Dublin in July. He hopes to complete his studies and get back to work when he’s ready.

"He has gone from strength to strength at QEF."


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