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Abbey Stenning

Honorary Assistant Psychologist

Why I love working at QEF is so difficult to summarise in a few sentences. As a student, wanting to pursue a career in clinical neuropsychology, the thought of coming into such a fast pace and expert environment, was rather daunting. Yet from the moment I stepped foot into the CRC the passion, enthusiasm and kindness of the team radiated through the centre.

I feel so extremely privileged to work alongside real-life heroes, touching the lives of each client that passes through our doors. I have been nurtured by the psychology team, who have given me so much time and patience, teaching me skills which are pinnacle to pursuing a career in clinical psychology. Under the close supervision of the Clinical Psychologist, I have gained proficiency in administering, scoring, and interpreting a range of formal neuropsychological assessments, as well as developing my formulation skills.

Working within such a skilled and passionate MDT, has been so inspiring and I am grateful to every member of QEF who have demonstrated such kindness. My placement at QEF has exceeded all my expectations and given me a variety of experiences which will help me pursue a career in clinical neuropsychology in the future. Thank you QEF for believing in me and thank you for going above and beyond with your clients, I really hope to return here to work in the future.