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ASK FIRST – unique Disability awareness training for the aviation industry

QEF has joined forces with Ethos Farm, in a joint initiative to develop ASK FIRST – a unique suite of disability equality and confidence online training courses, developed specifically for the aviation industry.

With years of experience in supporting Disabled people to access air travel and representing requirements of Disabled passengers to the aviation industry and regulators, QEF have combined their expertise with Ethos Farm, an award-winning customer and employee experience provider. Together they have developed ASK FIRST- a suite of disability awareness online training courses designed to help all staff feel confident providing the best possible customer experience and become disability allies.

Over a billion people, about 15% of the world’s population have some form of disability1 and passengers using assistance have more than doubled since 2014 2, and the number of passengers with disabilities is set to increase significantly as populations expand and grow older 3.  The post COVID-19 world now provides the opportunity to reimagine disability inclusion to build back better 4.

Tailored disability equality and confidence training are key tools to support the aviation sector to create better, more inclusive customer experiences and also meet regulatory requirements as the re-start commences. 

The ASK FIRST suite of training courses are written and delivered by Disabled people and track the entire passenger journey; focusing on customers with physical, sensory, cognitive and mental health conditions, both visible and invisible. They offer digital and virtual classroom training, to empower frontline staff and managers to identify passengers that may require additional support and to feel confident engaging and assisting customers.

ASK FIRST training courses have been specifically developed for the aviation industry. They include an interactive animated e-learning module, providing disability confidence for all staff, and a one-day CPD accredited, Disability Equality Training course to ensure organisations are disability inclusive at all levels.

ASK FIRST training courses can either be bought off the shelf or customised to meet the specific requirements of an organisation or industry.

Leo Visconti, Director at Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People says: “QEF has represented the needs of disabled passengers to the airline industry for over 5 years and we have proactively provided Tryb4uFly assessments to give Disabled people confidence to travel by air.  We are excited to launch ASK FIRST with Ethos Farm, as this is a real driver for change, a practical tool that will help the aviation industry build back better and provide a more inclusive customer experience.

Disabled colleagues are directly involved in the development and delivery of ASK FIRST. This is essential in the delivery of disability equality and confidence training.  Working with Ethos Farm we have been able to develop e-learning and virtual classroom products that ensure the principles and spirit of inclusion are consistently applied across all organisational levels, and our joint aim is to make disability allies of all staff

Mat Garner Co-Founder of Ethos Farm says: “The ASK FIRST training programme is designed for all colleagues and managers, to ensure they feel confident providing the best service they can for customers that require additional support and assistance.  Providing a great service for customers shouldn’t be down to any one department, it is everyone’s responsibility to get the customer experience right.”

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