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MERU now has switch-adapted toys on sale!

QEF partner charity, MERU is now selling switch adapted toys.

For the past few years, MERU has offered to adapted toys at Christmastime, but this required parents to send in Toys that they had bought themselves. But now, as there was such a huge demand to adapt toys last Christmas, we’ve decided to keep some adapted toys in stock all year round!

These toys can be bought direct from the MERU online shop – click here to visit the shop.

Toys with switches that are adapted for children with disabilities can be a great way to encourage interactive play. Some children need bigger switches or controls that are easier to use than those which are supplied as standard.

The toys we have on sale are adapted for use with a switch, but do not include a switch as different children will have different needs, so please contact us to discuss the most appropriate switch for the child you are buying the toy for.

They come in packaging that has been opened, for us to get at the bits we need to adapt, but we will repack them as carefully as we can.

We’ve got some great toys on offer, including a singing Elsa from Frozen and the fun Fisher Price Beatbo! These are available to order right away!

We’re also still able to adapt other toys too, so if you can think of something that a child you know would like, which could be made more accessible, get in touch with us to discuss whether it would be suitable for switch adaption.

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