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Why work as an ADI with QEF Mobility Services?

Hear from ADI’s on what they enjoy about their role with QEF
A young lady sitting in the driving seat of a car, smiling, with the door open, and a driving instructor smiling in the passenger seat

Read about what inspired some of our current ADI's to join QEF's driving school and what they enjoy about teaching disabled people to drive.

Val, ADI and QEF Driving Assessor says:  

“I joined QEF as an ADI in 2018 to challenge myself and make my job more interesting. I had been a self-employed driving instructor for a number of years and although I really enjoyed my job, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and help people who really needed help. I also found it quite lonely working on my own and was enticed at the prospect of working with a team, as I enjoy interaction with others. 

Working for the QEF driving school I felt an enormous sense of achievement when a client became proficient and safe at driving in a new or different way. Quite often it was life changing for them and it felt great to help the client become independent again. 

Then it seemed like a natural progression to become a driving assessor for QEF when I was invited to apply. For a while I still taught clients in the driving school as well. The training was comprehensive but having taught clients using adaptations the learning curve was manageable and interesting. 

I qualified in February 2021 and I love my job as an assessor, every day is different. Every client has different needs and working with a clinician means I am not alone – we work as a team.  

The staff at QEF are wonderful people who aim to please the client, as we are all client led. I have great job satisfaction and I am very pleased I chose to work here as it is a fulfilling job.” 

Chris, ADI and Driving Assessor with QEF says: 

“I was interested in working as an ADI with QEF because it meant I would be paid an hourly rate and not have to use my car for lessons. So I was saving fuel and wear and tear on the car. Plus clients starting and finishing at the mobility centre meant there were no pick-up or drop offs. It’s not all about the money for me though, it’s also about giving back where it’s needed. 

 The majority of disabled people take a bit longer to learn, so instead of the current lessons as advised by the DVSA of 45 hrs with an ADI and 22 hrs private practice, there can be at least twice as many lessons with an ADI. 

I have also become a Driving Assessor with QEF, so I can help people to achieve their goal of either learning to drive or getting back on the road with possible adaptions. 

I really enjoy this role as its a great friendly team with a wealth of knowledge, who are always willing to help and support you without any hesitation.” 

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