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Craig’s journey to regain his independent mobility

In 2021, Craig suffered a life changing injury, which left him without the use of his legs. He has since been trying to regain his independence, and we at QEF Mobility have been lucky enough to help Craig work towards achieving this. His journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, sheds light on the positive outcomes of seeking support and embracing new opportunities. 

Craig’s experience at the centre exemplifies the theme of enabling people to live life on their terms. His story unfolds through his own words, revealing the transformative impact of the services offered at QEF/Mobility Centre. 

Craig’s determination to drive again led him to the centre, where he received invaluable support. Despite encountering obstacles at another facility, QEF supported him by providing tailored lessons and assessments. Through their guidance, Craig regained his confidence behind the wheel, illustrating the centre’s commitment to empowering individuals to pursue their goals. 

Reflecting on his positive experience, Craig emphasizes the importance of accessibility and support in navigating life post-injury. He acknowledges the misconceptions and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, highlighting the need for inclusive services and awareness. 

Craig shares, “QEF was super helpful. I just had a series of lessons like I was a normal new driver, even though I had gotten my Canadian license a month after turning 16 and now I’m 59. So I’ve got a lot of years, and many, many hundreds of miles under my belt.” 

Craig was able to regain his license, and ability to drive independently after a series of 1.5 hour lessons, based out of the Mobility Centre in Carshalton. Prior to this, he had been presented with lots of challenges that tried to limit his progress. The team at QEF were able to assist Craig in tackling these, and get him back driving his car. 

The journey towards independence didn’t stop with driving. Craig’s aspiration to fly again prompted him to explore our Tryb4uFly service. He gained insights into navigating air travel with confidence. The program’s emphasis on individual needs and support options helped to alleviate a lot of his anxiety related to flying as somebody with a disability. 

Craig reflects, “The key part for me was the notion that I could request ground crew assistants to help get me out of the seat. That part was critical. Even speaking to disability assistance on the phone didn’t readily apparent that was an option.”  

Craig’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite facing significant health challenges, he remains optimistic and proactive in seeking solutions. His willingness to share his experiences reflects a commitment to raising awareness and promoting inclusivity. 

Craig shares, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I used to be self-sufficient, but now I know it’s okay to ask for assistance. That’s a critical part of life post-injury.” 

Craig’s journey highlights the transformative impact of QEF/Mobility Centre’s services. His positive experiences serve as a beacon of hope for individuals facing similar challenges, reminding us of the power of resilience and community support. 

As we strive towards a more inclusive society, let us embrace diversity and empower individuals to live their lives on their terms. 


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Driving was my ticket to a future of independence and I got so much out of the course with QEF. They gave me with the opportunity to increase my independence and to increase my understanding of my own skills. By passing my (driving) test they helped me to better myself – it was an incredible opportunity.

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