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Care and Rehabilitation

Meet Jenny de Canha – Head of Clinical Services

I am a neuro physiotherapist by background. I enjoy working as part of a wide multi-disciplinary team and my focus at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre is to deliver integrated rehabilitative care through an evidence-based, goal directed and individualised approach across each of our 4 client pathways.

Having worked in the NHS and private sectors, my experience spans from the acute setting through to the community. As a highly specialist physiotherapist I gained skills in adjuncts such as splinting, functional electrical stimulation (FES) and in the use of robotics including the ‘lokomat’ – a treadmill device used to support intensive gait training. I have completed Bobath training to advanced level – a physiotherapy concept used to promote efficiency of movement in a variety of environments. We recently held an Advanced Bobath course at QEF, with several more scheduled through the year.

QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre is unique, with significant space and resource so we can treat clients in a range of environments suited to their clinical needs. The therapy gym is large and open, meaning that group or individual sessions can be held. It allows access for more than one professional to attend the session if appropriate, ensuring that the team can work collaboratively to maximise the outcome of every client session.

The interactive room is fantastic for clients that need support with managing sensory overload and the Occupational Therapy kitchen means we can support people to practice key daily life skills before going home.  The accessible technology in bedrooms enables clients to feel as independent as possible, controlling their room temperature, lighting and blinds with voice commands.

Our staff have a significant impact in our clients and families lives. They spend time getting to know each client so they can understand what brings value to their life and what is important to them. This helps determine rehab steps as well as how to motivate and support clients and their families with what may be a life changing event.

Staff play a vital role with empowering clients to move forward when they face seemingly insurmountable challenges.   Staff are passionate, dedicated and hard working; it is visible to see the desire to learn and develop, not only for individual client outcomes but for the service as a whole. People come into this profession because they care and want to make a difference; that is very evident here.



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Benjamin standing in a desert location, looking to camera wearing a safety vest, with multiple other people walking away from him on the left, wearing head coverings and long brown coats



QEF were so kind and helpful and told me what I could do and especially having a private track, that really helped to build my confidence when I wasn’t ready to drive on the road.  


Craig’s journey towards independence didn’t stop with driving. Craig’s aspiration to fly again prompted him to explore QEF’s Tryb4uFly service as well. Our emphasis on individual needs and support options helped to alleviate a lot of his anxiety related to flying as a disabled person.

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