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Care and Rehabilitation

International Nurses Day 2024

As International Nurses Day approaches, it’s a perfect moment to shine a spotlight on the remarkable dedication and contribution of our nursing team at our Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CRC). This year’s theme, ‘Our Nurses, Our Future’, resonates deeply with our ethos and points to the crucial role our nurses play in shaping the future of our service. 

We spoke to our nursing team to understand how they viewed the service, why they are in the profession and what their experience is like at the CRC. The insight we obtained was very interesting, and gives a small look into Nursing at QEF.  

Our nursing team stands as the bedrock of our Care and Rehabilitation Centre, forming an integral part of a collaborative multidisciplinary effort aimed at delivering client-centered therapy and care.  

Care and Nursing Manager Muriel said “Committed, conscientious, caring, and supportive, that is how we go about our jobs” These are not just adjectives; they’re the guiding principles that define our teams approach to nursing. 

Gertrude noted “Each client we serve is unique, with their own set of challenges and goals. We create a close relationship with every client to ensure they are receiving the best quality care we can provide“. Our nurses recognise this individuality and help to tailor bespoke care packages to support clients in rebuilding their lives after acquired brain injuries, strokes, neurological illnesses, or incomplete spinal injuries. Moreover, our services extend to rehabilitation for non-neurological conditions and long-term nursing care, ensuring comprehensive support for all our clients. 

Gertrude QEF


Central to our approach is the close collaboration between our nursing team, our consultant Dr. Jonathan Mamo, and our in-house GP. Weekly assessments, reviews, and recommendations form the backbone of our client care strategy, ensuring a high level of personalised attention and medical oversight. 

We focus on training and education for our nursing support staff, equipping them with a diverse skill set that goes beyond traditional nursing duties. Gertrude shared that she had learnt a lot about interpreting body language in order to understand the mental well-being and personality of our clients. This not only allows her to communicate with the clients effectively, but also improve the quality of their relationship.  


Nurse QEF

What sets us apart at QEF is our culture of continuous learning and adaptation. Our nurses said “We thrive in an environment where every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. Whether it’s collaborating with other health professionals or learning directly from our clients”. Our nursing team embraces the dynamic nature of their work with enthusiasm and dedication. 

As we celebrate International Nurses Day, let us take a moment to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of our nursing team at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre. Their unwavering dedication, compassionate care, and relentless pursuit of excellence exemplify the very best of nursing practice. Together, they embody the spirit of ‘Our Nurses, Our Future’, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for all our clients. 

Thank you to our nurses for their tireless commitment to the well-being and potential of every individual we serve. Happy International Nurses Day! 


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