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Life changing Bugzi assessments

QEF’s paediatric expertise is helping children to be independent

Kate El Bizanti is a paediatric occupational therapist. She has worked with a number of leading hospitals and organisations before coming to QEF, and her role here brings together years of experience of supporting children with life-threatening or lifelimiting conditions.

At QEF Mobility Services she carries out a variety of assessments for children with disabilities, including car seats, transfer and seating for cars and planes, wheelchair and buggy assessments, and Bugzi – our award-winning, indoor powered wheelchair.

Kate’s entire training and work has been based around children with disabilities, and this varied experience has given her the competency and skills to deal with pretty much every situation. She says, “When I talk with families I aim to get a broader, more holistic picture of their needs. Taking a broader view means I can identify possible problems, such as would this car seat make it harder for other children to get in the car? Does it mean there’s no room left for the buggy? And if so, I can recommend a better solution.”

Kate has built a strong peer network through her work at different hospitals, speaking at conferences and sitting on committees, and says “I love working here! Our services aren’t provided by the NHS and while parents can get general advice from other places, we are one of the best providers of specialist mobility advice for children. It’s also easy to approach other experts at QEF to discuss any challenges that develop.”

She’s a big fan of QEF’s Tryb4uFly assessment service. “QEF’s realistic aircraft cabin means I can help the children find out what seating, wheelchair options and support systems work best for them. This often means that a family can go abroad together for the first time, which is really rewarding.” Kate also runs the Bugzi loan scheme, provided by MERU, our partner charity. “Bugzi is a true gateway to mobility, opening doors for kids with no way of moving independently and helping them make choices.” See Rayan and Charlie’s videos at

To find out more about the Bugzi please call 01372 725 203 or email


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