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Care and Rehabilitation

Meet our nursing team at the Care and Rehabilitation Centre

As part of International Nurses Day 2023 we are recognising the difference that Nurses make to peoples lives everyday.

The team of Nurses at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre are an integral part of the wider multidisciplinary team, who work together to deliver client-centred therapy and care. The teams support people to rebuild their lives after an acquired brain injury, stroke, neurological illness or incomplete spinal injury, as well as supporting rehabilitation for non neurological conditions and people who need longer term nursing care. 

QEF nurses montage

The Registered General Manager, Victoria Oladosu, is a Registered Nurse and Muriel Sandy, Care and Nursing Manager, leads a team of nurses including  Gertrude a Registered Nurse and Yeyena a Senior Nurse.  Our specialist rehabilitation nurses create comprehensive care plans based on patient goals and a person’s maximum potential.   

Registered General Manager, Victoria Oladosu says:
“As well as being a Registered Nurse, I am a Chartered Manager with qualifications in Public Health, Business Administration and Strategic Leadership. Having worked in Health and Social care for over a decade I am a passionate advocate for it and for the incredible work that we do at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre which is all about rehabilitation. 

I volunteer with schools to help provide work placement advice for students and regularly speak on panels about how diverse health care is and how almost every industry in the world could benefit from input from a healthcare professional. I perform a wide range of functions which I wouldn’t have been able to do in my unique way if not for my nursing background. At QEF  I am focused on the delivery of exceptional patient care.  I am passionate about introducing ideas, inspiring creativity, leading and motivating those around me. 

The Head of Clinical Services and the Care and Nursing Manager have worked hard to ensure that every nurse, every voice, is not only on the front line of care, but also on the front line of change.  I am incredibly proud of the work the entire team does. My goal is to improve healthcare outcomes for our clients and continue to lead a vibrant, motivated multidisciplinary team here at QEF.

Our multi-disciplinary teams of therapists, nurses and care staff provide holistic therapy and 24 hour care that is focused on the needs and motivations of the individual.  The nursing team lead on two of the four client pathways, offering lots of opportunities to expand their knowledge, as every client has different needs. Gertrude and Yeyena are undertaking additional training to support the specialities they have chosen.

Gertrude in her nurses uniform against a green background

Gertrude is focusing on Diabetes Management and says:  “This presents a new challenge for me, it increases my knowledge and I learn from clients all the time.   Management of diabetes in clients with complex pre-existing neurological conditions presents a unique opportunity to develop person centred diabetic care. I enjoy the learning process and I enjoy working closely with the Doctor who specializes in this. 

The role of a nurse here is not limited to the administration of medication. Nurses support with seizures and aspiration management (ensuring clients can eat and drink safely), enteral (PEG) feeding and so much more. I enjoy giving clients good health care so they can have the vision to see themselves getting better. It’s very satisfying.  It’s a very holistic approach and the multidisciplinary team approach ensures that there is a process of continual learning and upskilling.” 

yeyena cropped 1 e1683795403710

Yeyena is a specialist rehabilitation nurse having previously completed a neuro rehabilitation course at St. Georges Hospital, and she has worked at several neuro rehabilitation centres. Yeyena is adding to her qualifications with a Diploma in Infection Control, and says “it’s important to embed infection control protocols into the Service in order to look after clients well, and I will be overseeing this at the Care and Rehabilitation Centre.” 

Muriel in her nurses uniform with a green background, leaning on a chair

Muriel is the Care and Nursing Manager and says: “I work closely with the Head of Clinical Services as well as the Registered General Manager. I’ve learned so much working here, it allows me to practise both my nursing and management skills. Working in an inpatient rehabilitation unit is quite special and different from more acute settings such as hospitals. To see clients improve and regain some of their abilities is very rewarding. We also look after clients on longer term pathways and preventing their deterioration and maintaining their quality of life is also rewarding.  There are lots of new ideas coming into the Service about how we can do things differently and having a different perspective on management skills. 

Specialist nursing is done on a one to one basis, it’s holistic and we tailor the care to the individual’s needs – it’s a very person-centred approach and a lot more than just medication. We work closely with the Occupational Therapy team and activities team, looking at what people need and would enjoy doing, we also look at ways to integrate people back into the community, bring in faith leaders etc. We are involved in multidisciplinary meetings and as Care and Nursing Manager I chair the non-neuro meetings. We really get to know the clients and their needs.” 

Our rehabilitation staff nurses design and implement treatment strategies that are based on scientific nursing theory related to self-care and that promote physical, psychosocial, and spiritual health.

Happy International Nurse’s Day to all the Nurses out there.
We are Nurses and we are integral to the future of healthcare. 

4 people including three nurses in uniform


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