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Experiencing assistive technology for wheelchairs

On 12th December QEF Mobility Services held a wheelchair technology training day, which was attended by various suppliers of accessible technology and different wheelchair services, so that their clients can be made aware of the new opportunities that technology could offer them for increased mobility. The chance to experience these products first hand makes it much easier to recommend them to relevant clients.

The day started with a demonstration of All-Terrain powered chairs which the snowy weather provided the perfect setting for, so they could really be tested!

all terrain wheelchair being driven up a snowy slope

We then explored technology options for people with limited or no limb function, such as MND, high level SCI, MD, Atrophies, etc. …

First we trialled the Rehana Life Eye Gaze system which enables people to move the wheelchair with eye movement alone. This eye gaze technology is widely used for activities of daily life. The technology calibrates to a person’s eyes in less than 30 seconds and off you go!

Then we trialled the Now-Tech GiroSet Vigo Head control system and remote control system. This sets up quickly, with just a puff of the cheek needed to activate the menu/choice selector, which then enables the person to move the wheelchair with just small tilts of the head.

a person sitting in a powered wheelchair looking at a control screen for the wheelchair

This is just one example of the bespoke mobility training days the service can provide to support occupational therapists and other health professionals. If you would like to arrange a visit to QEF Mobility Services for you or your team contact

training day 12th december 22


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