Why I like working at QEF

2 physiotherapists support a client to do a leg exercise whilst lying on a therapy bed

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Support Worker at the CRC

Sam is a Support Worker at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre. Watch Sam explain why he enjoys coming to work and making a difference every day.


Senior Nurse at Care and Rehabilitation Centre

Watch Muriel talk about what she enjoys about her role as Senior Nurse at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre and why she would like you to join her.


Occupational Therapist

I’m with the clients every day which allows me to build a rapport with them, and experience all of their problems at the frontline. I get to know them, I assess their equipment needs and make recommendations, and can really help them gain a greater independence and quality of life as part of a multi-disciplinary team.


Support Worker at Dorincourt

Watch our video to see Hanin helping Roz to communicate what she enjoys about living at Dorincourt.


Senior Support Worker

The most rewarding part of my role is the conversations that I have with the residents every day. It really makes you think, they’re so determined to achieve their own goals and there’s no way you’ll stand in their way!

Dr. Holly Hurn

Clinical Psychologist at CRC

Re-connecting with one’s values can guide someone forwards through a period of uncertainty and draw on the strength they have to get them through this difficult event in their life.


Support Worker at Dorincourt

It’s like a family here and it often feels like I’m going to work to see friends. I enjoy going home at the end of shift knowing that I have done my bit to make someone’s day.

Abbey Stenning

Honorary Assistant Psychologist

Why I love working at QEF is so difficult to summarise in a few sentences. As a student, wanting to pursue a career in clinical neuropsychology, the thought of coming into such a fast pace and expert environment, was rather daunting. Yet from the moment I stepped foot into the CRC the passion, enthusiasm and kindness of the team radiated through the centre.

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